Please find the results from across the Jacaranda Week:

2018 Jacaranda Queen: Bronte Cameron

2018 Jacaranda Princess: Caitlin Leek

2018 Junior Jacaranda Queen: Saskia McGrath

2018 Junior Jacaranda Princess: Emily Patterson


Major Raffle Winners:

1st Prize: Max Juett (Toyota Yaris – Grafton Toyota)
2nd Prize: Jemma Becker (Apple Iphone from Telstra Store Grafton)
3rd Prize: Elaine Stephenson (Harvey’s Jeweller’s Gift Voucher)


Jacaranda Thursday Business Competition Winners:

Gold Cup: Clarence Valley Council

Silver Cup: Low Pressure Surf Co

Rose Bowl: Westlawn Finance and Investment

Best Dressed Window Office: Bank of Queensland

Best Dressed Window Retail: Harvey’s Jewellers

Best Dressed Window Community: The Gem Club



Spot It Results:

Check back here on Wednesday 14th November 2018


Retrofest Winners:

Miss Kitten: Elle Beth

Miss Bee Bop: Sarah Adeney

Miss Holy Moly: Chrysler Jade

Miss Illustrated: Carolyn Payne

Miss Prestige: Carolyn Payne

Miss Retrofest for 2018: Elle Beth


Jacaranda Fun Run Results:


Male                                                 Female

  1. Rhys Fisher                          1. Katie Porra
  2. Henry Sheehan                   2. Michelle Reardon
  3. Andy Black                           3. Kristy Bridger


Male                                                Female

  1. Henry Sheehan                 1. Meg Porra
  2. Chris Brophy                     2. Madeline McKeown
  3. William Tait                       3. Jasmine Chellew


Male                                                Female

  1. Joseph Boomsma              1. Megan Smith
  2. Nichoas Boomsma            2. Rahni McGrath
  3. John Boomsma                  3. Adelaide Kearns


Float Procession Results:

Best Vehicle: Eugene Christenson GT Falcon

Best Band: St Joseph’s Primary School

Best Group, Sports Club, School or Preschool: Army Cadets

Best Commercial Entry: Northland Coaches

Best Jacaranda Themed Float: St Marys Primary School

Best Charitable Organisation: Caringa

Best Overall Float for Bunnings Trophy: Studio 1 Dance Academy


Children’s Morning & Beautiful Baby Competition: (2018 Results)

Boys 0-6 months:

First Place – Jack Tindal


Boys 7-12 months:

First Place – Jayden Davis


Boys 13-18 months:

First Place – Cody Want           Second Place – Max Grey


Boys 19-24 months:

First Place – AJ Payne              Second Place – Keenan Blood


Girls 0-6 months:

First Place – Summer Williams                Second Place – Amari Ellem


Girls 7-12 months:

First Place – Olivia Payne                             Second Place – Isabelle Gilmour


Girls 13-18 months:

First Place – Harley Corfe             Second Place – Elizabeth Templeton


Girls 19-24 months:

First Place – Maybelle Pope            Second Place – Aria Atherton


Best Dressed Babies:

Summer Williams & Cody Want


Runner Up Grand Champion: Marli Chevalley

Grand Champion Baby: Liam Smidt



**Please note that this page will be updated as results come to hand